Harvey Sachs


Forthcoming: June 2017
This new biography of the man who was, arguably, the most influential classical performing musician of the twentieth century, replaces Sachs's 1978 biography of the Maestro. It is based on thousands of documents, recorded conversations, and other materials that were unavailable four decades ago but have since been put at the author's disposal. This book is likely to remain the definitive account of the ninety-year life and sixty-eight-year career of the great conductor - an account not only of his work and its impact but also of his turbulent personal life and his principled stand against Fascism and Nazism.

The Ninth: Beethoven and the World in 1824
The Ninth Symphony, Beethoven's mightiest attempt to help humanity find its way from darkness to light, was born in the repressive period that followed the French Revolution and Napoleon's wars. In this book, the symphony becomes a prism through which we view Beethoven's era, intentions, and influence.
First published: 2010

The Letters of Arturo Toscanini
Toscanini's letters, collected, translated, and edited by Harvey Sachs, reveal a man of strong perceptions, musical and otherwise, and acute self-knowledge. Since Toscanini left no memoirs and granted no interviews, these letters have become a unique source of first-hand information about him.
First published: 2002

Rubinstein: A Life
Arthur Rubinstein (1887-1982), one of the most celebrated pianists of the twentieth century, led a remarkably long, full, and complicated life. Not counting Rubinstein's charming but not always accurate memoirs, this book is the only full-length biography of an unusual man and musician.
First published: 1995

Reflections on Toscanini
Eleven essays by the great conductor's biographer, on specific aspects of Toscanini's life and work.
First published: 1991

Music in Fascist Italy
How did individual Italian and foreign musicians react to Mussolini's fascist regime (1922-43), and how did Italy's musical institutions fare during that period? This book is the first major work in English to deal with this controversial subject.
First published: 1986

The life and art of Niccolo' Paganini, Franz Liszt, Anton Rubinstein, Ignace Paderewski, Fritz Kreisler, Pablo Casals, Wanda Landowska, Vladimir Horowitz, and Glenn Gould
First published: 1982

A biography of one of the most influential performing musicians of all time.
First published: 1978

Selected Works

A personal interpretation of Beethoven's last symphony and its cultural and political surroundings and impact.
Hundreds of fascinating letters, written between 1885 and 1956, by the most famous conductor in history.

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